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"Success comes from experience and experience comes from bad experiences"

"Success comes from experience and experience comes from bad experiences"

This is true and many people knows that "Success comes from experience and experience comes from bad experiences."➤That image shows how can we achieve success in life. If we choose the ladder of knowledge,hardworking,sincerity,humanity then in our future on one day definitely we can achieve our goals and the goals that we achieve on that day,which is the precious thing in our life and that is our success.

Most of the people in this world just thing that,money is all about that helps in our achieving goals or after we achieving the goals and the name called success,this is all about money they think if we don't earn more money than our success is not count in the name of achieving our goals.

"Success comes from experience and experience comes from bad experiences"
"Success comes from experience and experience comes from bad experiences"

But most of the people also can know that success is all about achieving our goals that we keep it in our mind and after some years definitely achieve those goals by great ideas,innovative thoughts,gain more knowledge and think good.If our thinking is good about life, about peoples and the main part of this is to think really good and be positive then anything we can achieve in life.They knows that money is only earn for complete our basic needs and some wishes but on the higher stages like we say that,if our thinking is much more than earn money,we think big,we have to just believe on god and earn money just for a basic needs then this stage is higher than anything.In this stage we don't have to earn more and more money but we have to wish to god give us peaceful days and give me some knowledge about interesting  facts that, i have to share with other persons.

➤And on another side on image which is red in color  if we talk about that,which is including Ego,Jealousy,Cheat,Laziness they all are the signify that we can't achieve success in the future because if we do not hard work,don't gain some knowledge and every time we behave like a rich person then,forget about success.
Sometimes many people show their attitude towards middle class people.Attitude is good,but in a official stage and if we can show attitude to all kinds o persons and over confidently say anything then this is not so good in this world.

So all over if we can do hard work,practice a lot and patience on a result and many more things to do for being  a successful person.

➤Our creativity is most important,how we create a good idea and follow a good path in our life and share good thoughts and ideas to other people.

➤Success is all about think good,do good,don't be lazy.

➤Success is all bout think and create an idea in your mind or how,why and what you can do in your life,in what timing,the proper sleep etc..

➤And the most important thing is that think about it what you can do, how is it all possible,try your best in your life,if you try and do your best then this good,but if you try but do not succeed then try again and again and after do your best,do again.

➤If we try,those thing which is suitable for us,we can achieve this but in a first step we all are try but do not succeed then don't worry--this is your experience,how to deal with the situations,if the task is not completed yet.

So the success is all about how many times we can try,we don't give up,we don't cry about little things and situations.Just think good and think about,"Yes i can do it".

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