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The past cannot be changed forgotten edited or erased...

The past cannot be changed forgotten edited or erased it can only be accepted...

As we all know...the past cannot be changed, forgotten, edited or erased from our lives and it can only be accepted. The way how you treat the situation in the present and in your life, the way you don't remind about the past and just continue your life with the present. Yes, the past cannot be changed forgotten edited or erased it can only be accepted.

And it's the most difficult part of our life, that some reasons are behind of us, some memories are running with us from a long time from our past and we just can't do because we don't understand what we have to do, how to do and how we can handle the situation like we just don't remind that past again.

The past cannot be changed forgotten edited or erased...

The past cannot be changed forgotten edited or erased...

There are many reasons why some people cannot forget their past. I know there is difficulty arise some days we just think about past and when we remember those days, we can't handle our brain we just hope for best in future, we just pray those days will not come again and again.
These are the basic things in our life and sometimes we can't handle the things that around us in present, we can't handle those things which always around us in present and sometimes that past continue their class with our mind.

I am sure, sometimes in a year, we all have to get it into past days. We just think, oh god why I am so like that in the past. we forget that our present is running smooth and our future is also coming then why we always get it into the past.

The main thing is that the past cannot be changed or forgotten and edited or erased it's the only thinking of our mind and after we enter that past memory in the brain then we can't understand what to do and don't forget that mistake.

Live your life in the present don't take stress too much because nothing is in our hand we just do our work properly and we have to forget about the past.

We have to change our daily routine and erased all the memory about the past because you know past is never come again in our life. So that any mistake you did in your past, just forget about those days which never come again and live in the present. 

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